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There is a wind energy park in Turkey that delivers clean, emission-free energy to the country’s grid.  Electricity that would normally have been generated by burning coal is displaced with clean naturally available energy.  The amount of coal that would have been burnt can be quantified and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) oversees an array of projects across the globe that generate Certified Emission Reductions (CERs). 

These CERs are used by industrialised countries to account for CO2e emissions under the Kyoto Protocol.  The advent of the international carbon market has been one of the greatest leaps in environmental economics, has brought the issues of climate change out into the open and has made it part of our everyday lives.  Many people are openly critical of the carbon market and believe that it will not help us in our duel with the changing climate we have created.  However, at GreenerFuture we work on the policy that every kilogram we help reduce is one that would not have normally been reduced. This means it is truly a positive environmental action and that you can be proud of the purchase you have made.     
GreenerFuture sources Voluntary Carbon Credits (VERs) from internationally accredited projects, ensuring absolute integrity of the purchase on behalf of the client.  Where the international carbon market brought carbon and climate change into the everyday arena, GreenerFuture aims to bring carbon offsets into our everyday lives.  We hope to develop this voluntary market by making quality credits around the world available to anyone and everyone to offset all or part of their carbon footprint.

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