What is GreenerFuture?

GreenerFuture is an environmental enterprise that strives to reduce global carbon emissions with innovative offset products that do more than just cancel out carbon emissions.

GreenerFuture is a specialist retail carbon offsetting company that goes beyond carbon neutral with innovative products designed to meet the needs of individuals and businesses alike.

We firmly believe that neutralising carbon emissions is just not enough. If we are truly serious about mitigating the effects of climate change, it is necessary for all of us to create a 'carbon positive' situation. That is to say we need to offset more than we emit to make a positive impact. All GreenerFuture products reflect this notion by contributing additional finance towards carbon and biodiversity projects.

GreenerFuture takes the complexity out of being green and being carbon neutral.  All of our systems are web-based for ease of access and the elimination of copious amounts of paper and storage space.

The success of our business is measured by the amount of tonnes of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) we reduce, beyond business as usual, for the planet. 

The founders of GreenerFuture fully advocate the reduction of carbon emissions, whether personal or business, through the implementing of emission reduction technologies and methods.

We are making a greener future.

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