Eco-Metrix Africa

Eco-_metrixlogoEcoMetrix Africa is a leading company in the business of carbon management and financing with an unmatched track record in sourcing, developing and trading South African emission reduction credits under the Clean Development Mechanism of the UNFCCC.

EcoMetrix Africa advises organisations in the assessment of their carbon footprint and the development of mitigation strategies. In addition, EcoMetrix provides support in the assessment of new energy technologies, project development and project financing. With regard to the latter, the EcoMetrix team is one of the most successful independent carbon financing teams in South Africa, having registered the most projects under the CDM of the UNFCCC and having generated the most carbon credits.

Hotelstuff / Greenstuff

greenstufflogoHotelstuff was launched in 2001 by Lorraine Jenks who, for 15 years, was the contracts and purchasing manager of a major hotel chain. Lorraine witnessed the frustration of scores of new suppliers who would visit her office, trying to get a foot in the door.

She found herself regularly taking calls from other establishments seeking advice on standards and specifications recommended for hospitality. People would phone to ask who the hotel group's major suppliers were - suppliers whose products had been endorsed and whose products were "preferred" after years of R&D.

Here was an opportunity to share and network; an opportunity to provide a service to both suppliers and buyers; an opportunity to help them find each other at the click of a mouse. Hotelstuff was born, providing a one-stop directory of hospitality suppliers and a hugely successful helpdesk. The concept has grown in leaps and bounds and has become a household name; many referrals coming to us by word of mouth.

And the best news of all...

Lorraine launched the Greenstuff website in a move towards eco-friendly hospitality procurement.

South Africa has a proud heritage of conservation and eco-tourism, but outside of rural lodges we have lagged behind in responsible procurement. Is our furniture from sustainable forests? Must we use bleached paper products? What's in our cleaning chemicals and guest amenities? Where do the containers go?

On Greenstuff you will find specific products and services that minimise negative impacts on the environment and human health. Each product is assessed from cradle to grave: raw materials, manufacture, transport, usage and disposal.

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