R25 per night
Have a green night’s sleep
50kg of carbon offset
Green I.T.
R25-R125 per month
Offset production or usage of your computer
From 50kg to 300kg of carbon offset
R250 per GreenPatch
Carbon offsets for biodiversity conservation
1000kg of carbon offset + 40% of the sale as a donation to fund biodiversity conservation

Buying a product from GreenerFuture places you with a new generation of proactive, eco-conscious trendsetters, who are moving beyond business as usual towards a low-carbon lifestyle.
An offset certificate from any one of our products confirms that you have not only neutralised your carbon emission, but have contributed to further reducing global emissions as well as taken the opportunity to take part in biodiversity conservation initiatives around the world.
Every offset certificate supports a project in a developing country, which in turn supports families to earn an income and assists these countries to alleviate poverty and its associated problems.
Welcome to a greener future.


GreenerFuture is a specialist carbon and environmental consultancy.  We cater to every sector of the carbon market. From the individual who wants to offset his or her car or house to industrial players who wish to achieve voluntary carbon neutrality through the acquisition of millions of tonnes of accredited emission reduction credits.

GreenerFuture takes the complexity out of being green and being carbon neutral. We offer consumers a variety of innovative options for reducing their carbon footprint and being green. We are a business that measures success by the tonnes of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) we reduce, beyond business as usual, for the planet.

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